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OneHash is a cloud-based, robust, scalable, agile, affordable, and fully featured FaaS solution with top-notch AI-automated Customer Assistance, CRM, ERP, HCM, Project Management, Helpdesk, and other SaaS that your business may need. 

FaaS (FOSS-as-a-Service) is a unique, top-of-the-line cloud-based service that democratizes the SaaS world with efficiency, scalability, and affordability. 

FaaS = SaaS
With FOSS (Free and open-source software) and SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), take advantage of the World’s 1st FaaS and Xn your sales like never before.
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We are committed and determined to providing SMBs across the globe with an innovative, affordable, agile, and secure solution to ensure sustainable growth.


Provide world-class services at pocket-friendly prices for exponential growth and development.

Learn how OneHash is making the business world a better place.

Most complete All-In-One Tool This is one the most complete All-in-one CRMs in the marketplace. I have used some of the "bigger" names and they work just fine but are extremely overpriced with many limitations. OneHash is very well priced for the value you get and for the amount of functionality it comes with. Overall great tool to have in our tech-stack
5 Star
Provides accurate CRM analytics I have no complaints so far. The app needs to be worked on. But overall, good experience
5 Star
Yash Neem
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Rohit Gadia Co-founder of OneHash
Rohit Gadia
Anand Singh Balyan Co-founder of OneHash
Anand Singh Balyan
Manas Jha Co-founder of One-Hash
Manas Jha
Narendra Yadav Co-founder of OneHash
Narendra Yadav
Vineet Singh Baghel Software Developer at OneHash
Vineet Singh Baghel
Software Developer
Nilesh Ahirwal Software Developer at OneHash
Nilesh Ahirwal
Software Developer
Radhika Takjhare UI/UX Designer at OneHash
Radhika Takjhare
UI/UX Designer
Aman Jain Digital marketing manager at OneHash
Aman Jain
Digital marketing manager
Parv Jain Customer Success Manager at OneHash
Parv Jain
Customer Success Manager

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