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HR, Employee Lifecycle and Payroll Management

Automate onboarding, tax, and salary-related processes in one click. Perform all human resource management functions, set up employee details with their designation, create salary grades and seamlessly generate salary slips. 

Sales Forcasting

HR Processing

Setting up your HR processing is as easy as OneHash’s onboarding process. The HR settings consist of major settings related to employee lifecycle, leave management, and more.

Employee Lifecycle

Capture employee demographic, joining and leave details, employee grade and designation, health insurance, and promotion and transfer details. All of this and more in one place. 

Recruitment, Training, and Performance Records

Keep track of job applicants, offers, and staffing plans. Create employee appraisals and appointment letters through a preset template, and schedule training programs to receive updates.

Shift, Leave, and Attendance Management

Manage your team’s shifts, assign tasks, set their shift timings, and keep tabs on requests and approvals. Create leave type, period, policy, application, and attendance types and requests.

Payroll Management

Create salary components, structure, and slips. Keep track of payroll period, income tax slab, employee tax exemptions, and compensations like additional salary, retention bonus, incentives, and more. 
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Master Reports

Review how efficiently your employees work, keep tabs on their expense claims and advances, monthly attendance sheets, recruitment, and employee analytics, leave balance summaries, salary payments, tax deductions, and bank remittances.
CRM Analytics

Financial Management

Simplify financial operations that boost workflow automation, reduce inefficiencies, and motivate more profitable decision-making. Analyze your business decisions with real-time reporting and save time so you can steer strategically. 


Comprehensive Accounting

Create a chart of accounts, use fiscal year details for setting sales goals, and maintain the financial book payment tems. Make journal entries, create templates and generate general, customer, and supplier ledger summaries. 

Accounts Receivable and Payable 

Create sales and purchase invoices, customer and supplier details, payment entries and requests, accounts receivable summaries, sales order analysis, purchase order summaries and analysis, and items to be billed. 
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Budgeting, Taxes, and Profitability

Create monthly disruptions and budget reports against chart of cost center, allowing you to keep tabs on costs and income. Create sales, charges, and item templates and understand their implications. 
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Financial Statements

Review the trial balance and profit and loss statement. Maintain a balance sheet,cash flow and generate a consolidated financial statement. Evaluate the currency and exchange rate efficiently.
Customer Segment

Banking, Share and Subscription Management

Manage your bank accounts, clearances, and reconciliation statements. Make payment entries and reconciliations, and manage your subscription plan. With OneHash ERP, you can also maintain shareholders and share transfer details. 

Master Reports

Review a party's trial balance and the payment period based on invoice dates and sales partners' commission. Understand customer credit balance, sales payment summary with address and contacts analysis

Buying and Warehouse Management

Maintain custom warehouses by planning, managing, executing, monitoring, and reporting on all related processes. Understand purchase trends and buying processes. Adapt to the unique requirements of each industry, including manufacturing, retail, and food production.

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Purchase Management

Consolidate your buying procedures by intuitively centralising data management. Set the re-order level and automatically generate the purchase order. Add additional discounts based on the total and handle other accounting matters. 

Warehouse Management

Maintain a warehouse in the tree structure so that the location and sub-location of an item can be tracked. Link it to a specific accounting ledger to view the real-time stock value of items.
Finance automation

Stock Management

Gain quick access to stock entry, purchase receipts, delivery notes, stock ledge, and stock balance. Address issues related to theft and pilferage to ensure that the movement of goods happens against a document reference.

Inventory Management

Manage all business aspects from a single platform, from inventory, planning, and logistics to finance and operations. Inventory management gives actionable insights about workflows and supply chains, among many others.

Serial No. and Batch

Maintain a serial number for each quantity of an Item. Keep track of serial no.'s location, warranty, and end-of-life information. Group multiple units of an item and assign them a unique batch number.

Master Reports

Receive key reports for purchases, sales orders, and stock analytics. Get access to note trends, purchase receipt trends, batch-wise balance history, requested items to be transferred, item shortage reports, and more. 
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Project Management and Quality Checks

Discover project and task management with complete integration of billing and costing. Create a timesheet based on actual time spent on a task. Track the profitability of a project to ensure that you don't overspend and maintain quality with goals, tracking, and feedback.


Task Management

Create a task to define a particular actionable assigned to an individual project. Choose to define the task's priority, viz., low, medium, high or urgent. Calculate the task weight and segregate them in different colors. 
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Project Management

Project management is Task-driven. Create a Project and divide it into multiple assignable tasks. Maintain project activities, and create new templates and timesheets. Generate salary slips, sales invoices, and project costing. 
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Time Tracking 

Record of hours an employee spends on completion of each task. Calculate the amount billable towards an employee, even if they are working on multiple tasks. Add the type of activity and tag the total cost amount.
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Maintain Quality 

Set quality goals, procedures, reviews, feedback, and meetings to ensure a smooth operation and monitoring of a quality control plan. Keep a close eye on the quality control strategy and uphold high standards.
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Quality Inspection

Mark incoming or outgoing products for quality inspection. Create a quality inspection template to add inspection parameters and acceptance criteria, a job card to monitor the quality of in-process items, and more.
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Master Reports

Get access to the ‘tree of procedures’ and track the project's profitability to ensure that you don't overspend. Analyze the billing per project and employee between a specific period and of all the stock movements.

Analytical Reporting

Whether about your purchase, procurement, stock, or sales, create consolidated reports, display progress in all master and key reports, and make better decisions for your business.

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Timely Analytics

Access data faster and use robust analytics to assess it as you go. Business projections may be revised using robust, real-time analysis through number cards and charts provided via interactive reports and dashboards.
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Configurable Dashboards

With real-time access to data on sales, earnings, and opportunities, a customizable ERP dashboard helps simplify management process. Information like monthly sales, cash flow forecasts, and gross profits is only a click away.
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Customizable Reports

Get access to pre-defined graph reports in the dashboard. Choose what you want to view on these fully customizable reports and also configure the metrics on which the reports are shown.
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Number Cards and Charts

With the number card you will be able to get the total count of ongoing job card and work orders which are open, in-progress, and completed. Charts provide information about the total quantity produced.
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Exponential smoothing

Use the exponential smoothing method to calculate the forecast based on past sales order/delivery notes/quotation data. Apply filters to extract specific data and predict the forecast of upcoming period data.
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Bird-eye View

Get access to reports that are easy to understand. Keep close tabs on all the financial flows and evaluate performance. View new charts for on-the-fly data analysis using Kanban, List, Gantt, Calendar and Tree view lists. 

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