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Streamline all company activities and operations on a single platform

OneHash ERP software assists companies in becoming more efficient and automated by efficiently managing and organizing their everyday operations.

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Inventory Management

Manage all business aspects from a single platform; from inventory, planning, logistics to finance and operations. Inventory management gives actionable insights about workflows, supply chains etc.


Manufacturing and Process Management

Get a comprehensive solution for manufacturing processes by automating all the tasks. Get insight into every department for spot on and fast business decisions. Get all information about margins, deadlines, overall sales etc.


Purchase Management

Set the re-order level and automatically generate the purchase order. Hassle free stock management and restocking results in higher productivity of the system by tracking procurement of material.

Purchase management

Advance Budgeting

Prepare thorough budgets for both the organization and the departments, and track spending based on the pre-approved budgets to keep an eye on the gap between anticipated and actual.

Advance Budget

Third-party Integration

OneHash makes it simple to connect third party financial and ERP software, payment gateways, email, communication, e-commerce, and telephone apps into its framework.

Third- party integration

Enhance Security and Privacy

Lower your risk of data loss and minimize expenditures with a cloud-based ERP. Embrace the future of information systems and rapidly grow, extend, and modernize business.

Data Security
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