4 OneHash CRM Features Your Business Should Use

June 22, 2022
4 OneHash CRM Features Your Business Should Use

When compiling a list of the top customer relationship management systems, OneHash must be included. As a result of its revolutionary features and usefulness for organizations of all sizes, OneHash CRM has become an indispensable tool for companies of all stripes to increase their customer happiness in every manner.

To choose which customer relationship management platform is ideal for your business, it is helpful to compare the features offered by several options. You may want to invest in a customer relationship management system to maintain tabs on leads, customers, and contacts. You may limit your options for CRMs based on their features and benefits, such as the software's adaptability to your business's requirements and the ease with which you may create a reporting structure tailored to your needs.

If you're looking to become a OneHash expert or your company wants to educate its staff on OneHash CRM’s features and functions, you've come to the perfect spot. This article will provide a rundown of four aspects of OneHash CRM that every platform user should be familiar with.

  1. Strategic Sales Administration

With OneHash CRM you can get access to robust reporting options that allow you to quickly prepare sales reports and track the progress of your sales team, as well as get insight into upcoming deadlines and the status of active negotiations. In addition, you can utilize effective sales enablement tools to cut down on time spent on completing deals.

  • Improving the Quality of Existing Data

OneHash CRM allows you to gain access to contact details, such as phone numbers and emails, for leads and prospects from various publicly available sources. Simple prospect communication across several channels for better sales and marketing will never look better than this with this system.

  • Track Your Sales Goals

Sales may be divided by area, product, partners, and individual reps. Thus it's important to set KPIs and evaluate the data. Using OneHash CRM can help your team establish a system of automated modules to monitor progress toward goals.

  • Data Visualization and Interaction

Identify your goals and successes in each region using reports and dashboards. This software allows you to zoom in and out which further helps assess the details of a customer's request and respond appropriately.

  • Projections of Future Revenue

Sales projections with exponential smoothness are dependent on quantity. It would help if you modified your advertising plan in light of the anticipated sales volume. The ability to foresee changes in the market is a crucial benefit of good sales management, making OneHash CRM a necessity for your business.

  • Analytical Leaderboards

The forecast report may help you determine which sales teams are doing well and which are falling short. Through this CRM, you can adjust settings to get the prediction that suits you best.

  • Administration of International Commerce

Control all of your international branches and subsidiaries from a centralized dashboard. When using OneHash CRM, you may do it in various currencies and languages.

  1. Analytics for CRM that You Can Trust

Analyze the company's customer database to improve sales procedures and determine the effectiveness of current channels for generating leads and opportunities. Evaluate how successful your present campaigns are, how profitable your transactions are, and what models you can expect to create new business in the future.

  • The Sales Funnel and Pipeline That Can Be Analyzed

Manage the ongoing sales process by monitoring your pipeline and current leads. Understand what motivates potential customers to take action so you can focus on closing the deals with the highest likelihood of success.

  • The Campaign-Based Opportunity

It would be best to connect with omnichannel media channels and then examine which ones perform best. Pay special attention to the systems falling behind and devise a plan to bring them up to speed.

  • Provide Help and Support to Customers

Keep an eye on the number of client grievances and the time spent on each one. Identify your most at-risk consumers and try to win them back via excellent service.

  • Monitoring Campaigns

With OneHash CRM, increase the effectiveness of your social media marketing and advertising by keeping tabs on what works, who is effective, and how you can best reach them with analytics software.

  • Classifying Your Clientele

To better comprehend, divide your customers into subgroups defined by demographic characteristics such as age, gender, and more. This will help determine the best time of year to introduce new lighting promotions.

  • Statistical Analysis of Client Reprisals

Through OneHash CRM, you can dissect the trade you lost and figure out what went wrong. Determine which phases and regions are most prone to losing chances, and then make an effort to prevent it from happening.

  1. Automated Workflow Interaction

Using OneHash CRM’s intelligent automation solutions, your team can free up time and energy to concentrate on higher-priority tasks. Modify client status, send quick emails to address questions, and keep clients in the loop with a well-planned email drip sequence and campaign.

  • Apply for Automatic Approvals

When approval is needed, send a notice to the correct person depending on their job and access level. Establish reliable mechanisms for monitoring and adjusting process output.

  • Automatic Email and Text Message Marketing

You may set your email marketing to run automatically to save time and effort. You can improve interaction on the web and via text messaging using third-party tools like Twilio and Slack.

  • Integrated Omni-Channel Capabilities

Gather potential customers' information from Facebook profiles and import it into your database. Automating WhatsApp messages to leads, customers, and prospects is key to running a successful marketing campaign.

  • Alerts and Notifications

Set up automatic renewal notifications to ensure you never miss a payment for a monthly or yearly membership. Make sure you never miss a follow-up or a deadline by signing up for reminders and alerts about future events and meetings.

  • Finances on Autopilot

Invoices and expenses may be settled by integrating payment procedures. Do away with the need for time-consuming email exchanges with the accounting team by handling expenditure reports and reimbursement requests in-house.

  • The Flow of Operations that Makes Sense

Make use of To-Do Lists and other notes to ensure you never lose track of important information about opportunities and possibilities. Logs allow you to track any change made to your reports and dashboards. Update critical papers with notes.

  1. Intuitive System Setup

Fields, buttons, and layouts may be modified to facilitate the creation of specialized views, the establishment of connections between pieces of data, the testing of changes to the live system, and the selection of language and currency appropriate to the user's location. Get the most out of your profile by customizing it to your preferences and incorporating data from various sources.

  • Dynamic and Engaging Perspectives

Set up and utilize distinct views for various document kinds. Separate tasks, keep track of deadlines and get a visual overview of any document with the help of Kanban, Gantt, and Tree views.

  • Information Security and Access Management

Provide hierarchy-based roles and enable permission management. Apply filters to restricted data based on user roles and responsibilities.

  • Search Criteria Filters

You may use filters in the various reports to quickly get the information you need about leads, prospects, transactions, and more. It is possible to filter the records by the values of a particular field in the source document. Customized forms may be used to establish default filters.

  • Universal Resource Locator

Users may perform field-specific searches across many modules and document formats using a single, convenient search bar. It facilitates easy and rapid access to desired data for its consumers.

  • Simple Replication of Discreet Settings

Make a master account and then use that account's details to make copies. You may save time and work by not having to customize each one individually when using this simple duplicate.

  • Different Procedure Schemas

Coordinate the sales of several items across multiple channels and with various partners. Users may create unique processes based on the data they need to see, thanks to page layouts.

-Blog written by Mabel Andrady