5 best alternatives to Zendesk

May 16, 2022
5 best alternatives to Zendesk

In an age of fast innovation and fierce competition, how can you distinguish your goods or services? If you don't put customer service first, you'll be left behind.

There are a plethora of customer support managed services solutions on the market, all of which may be capable of providing the top of the line and essential features. Tools like Zendesk can't be overlooked since they provide a wealth of useful features to better the entire user experience.

Needless to say, there are other Zendesk alternatives that excel in providing excellent customer support, even if Zendesk does a lot. In this blog post, we'll take you through 5 alternatives to Zendesk that focus on customer experience and help you figure out which is the best match for your needs.

#5 Freshdesk

As one of the few mainly listed Zendesk alternatives, Freshdesk stands out for good reason. As a result, it is able to meet the demands of businesses of all sizes, regardless of their size or scope. To provide a more customized service, you may automate operations and also connect with your clients. 

For increased customer interaction and quicker problem resolution, Freddy AI chatbots are straightforward to implement. As a free alternative to Zendesk, it offers a free trial with all of its basic features.


  • Using FreshConnect, shared authorship of tickets, and task division for various types of tickets, Freshdesk encourages team cooperation.
  • Tickets are assigned to the appropriate agents using Freshdesk's automatic segmentation of questions.
  • Ticket changes are also tracked, and actions are taken as soon as there is a change.
  • Freshdesk enables you gather customer service data and utilize it to your benefit in order to provide a better, more customized client experience.
  • With Freshdesk, you can now use SSL-certified security to secure communication between the server and browser.


  • Free: Free for unlimited agents with email, social ticketing, and Knowledge Base
  • Growth: $15/agent/month
  • Pro: $49/agent/month
  • Enterprise: $79/agent/month
  • Field Service Management: $15/field employee/month
  • Additional bot session: $75/1000 bot sessions/month

#4 Zoho Desk

With an AI assistant built in, Zoho Desk has become one of the top customer care solutions on the market. A multi-brand support centre and telephone assistance are some of its main features. An ambient AI for content assessment and auto-tagging of tickets are among the many sophisticated features included.

Aside from that, it has a robust set of features for ticket administration, and it works across a wide range of communication mediums. Automated features encompass SLAs and escalation, alerts rules, ticket assignment, and the ability to write your own custom processes.


  • Incorporating customer care into every department is an option.
  • Customization and expansion of the support desk are possible.
  • The SDK provided by Zoho Desk may be used to create bespoke mobile applications.
  • Details about service processes may be stored in several ways.
  • Extending Zoho Desk to include interactive widgets is also an option.


  • Free: Free for 3 agents with limited features
  • Standard: $12/agent/month billed annually
  • Professional: $20/agent/month billed annually
  • Enterprise: $35/agent/month billed annually

#3 Intercom

Intercom is a platform focused on customer relationships that allows you to converse with your audience at every stage of their journey. Using a conversational strategy helps give a more customized service from the standpoint of a user, which in turn helps maintain loyal consumers. 

Additionally, features like configurable bots, automated responses, outgoing messages, and help center entries make it easier for users to get support.


  • It has enhanced lead gathering capabilities that have a direct impact on your company's development.
  • In order to more precisely target your audience, you may make use of live sections and filtration
  • Smart user/company profiles and sophisticated data analytics are only two of the features available with Intercom.
  • You may utilize triggered communication to automate customer service.
  • Customer service and assistance may benefit from its real-time metrics, which can be accessed at any time.


  • Start: $59/month (for 1 agent)
  • Grow: $119/month (for 5 agents)
  • Accelerate: $499/month (for 10 agents)
  • Scale: $999/month (for 10 agents)

#2 Tawk.to

Live chat service Tawk.to has more than 3 million members throughout the globe and is absolutely free. The software has all of the live chat features necessary to help and engage customers. 

Even though its live chat is its most prominent feature, it is a full-featured customer service platform that organizations may use for a wide variety of help channels.


  • Keep tabs on your customers' activities at any given moment. If you have a Knowledge Base, you can see which articles your visitors are looking for and how frequently they come. 
  • Get to know the people you're serving. A wide range of customer service options are at your disposal
  • Assign and collaborate with others. Members of your team should be able to tag and assign discussions to make sure the proper person is responding when it's needed.
  • You may easily share your expertise with others. Your employees and customers will appreciate the free customisable Knowledge Base you provide for customer service.
  • Having informed discussions is important. Delivering a customer experience that exceeds expectations is easier when you have access to Knowledge Base articles and fast cuts while responding to a customer chat.


  • Tawk.to is 100% free. 

#1 OneChat

To better connect with their customers, firms may use OneChat instead of more costly options like Zendesk, Intercom, and Zoho desk. OneChat allows you to engage with consumers through live chat, email, and social media.

Businesses benefit from increased consumer satisfaction and loyalty as a consequence of these improvements. Businesses may create a unique chat experience with OneChat that meets their specific needs. 

While Tawk.to widely popular and 100% free, it lacks certain features that OneChat offers at a rather affordable price is otherwise available through the top 3 alternatives mentioned above.


  • Instant Communication. Respond to customer queries as quickly as possible.
  • Interactive Chatbots. Automate engaging with new prospects across all channels with the help of interactive chatbots.
  • Automate your Agents. Communicate with all your customers across all channels without switching between apps. Save FAQs as preset replies for quickly responding to conversations. 
  • Shared Inbox. Communicate with your customers and team in one place.
  • Omnichannel Support. Provide Omnichannel support via Email, Website live-chat, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Slack, etc., and deliver a consistent customer experience across all channels.
  • Draw Engagement. With tailor-made communications and email campaigns, onboard new consumers while reengaging with existing ones.
  • Collective Customer Data at One-Place. Proper segmentation allows you to keep track of the status of query resolutions and follow-ups with hot prospects.
  • Third-Party Integrations. Expand your horizon of features by integrating with third-party applications like slack, Shopify, woo commerce, calendly, stripe, and a lot more.


  • Professional: $27/unlimited users/month* exclusive deal is valid for the first 1000 customers
  • Personal: Free/2 users/month with limited features

-Blog written by Manas Jha