5 digital marketing and sales automation ways you should know in 2022 that benefits your business!

January 17, 2022
5 digital marketing and sales automation

Living in the 21st century and still using that antiquated marketing and sales technique to enter and manage data? It's high time to upgrade your resources. In doing so, your business could save time and energy and c consequently generate more revenue.


Sales and Marketing automation is one of the sore subjects/big fuss around the world having reasonably good reasons to be accepted all over. Casually frittering away your valuable time in managing contacts, maintaining relationships, and building up a friendly Communication between the patron/customer/prospect and the salesperson to close a single deal is way too time-consuming. As your patron/customer/prospect list grows, the management is trickier. 


Account data, sales records, opportunities, salespeople, products, services, customers go hand in hand and make the tasks more complex for the salesperson. For extensively huge well-known companies, automated tools are nearly the most essential component to manage complex data customers and potential leads. For small enterprises, automated tools help them grasp more information and analyse everything from the very start.


What is Marketing and Sales Automation?

Marketing and sales automation is the procedure of assembling and managing the time taking tasks in the sales process so that the salesperson is not engaged in connecting with the customer and could focus more on selling and developing its product. Automation helps you rationalise key tasks, increase efficiency, and improve task accuracy by taking care of the entire process for you. Automation saves businesses time and money.


Marketing automation has rapidly shown progress and is important for businesses across all sectors. B2B businesses show great rise after actually implementing automation and are considered for their success across different marketing channels. Automation and other sales tools can help your sales team find new business, communicate quickly and easily with customers, and increase their conversion rates throughout the sales process. 


When your marketing automation platform works alongside your CRM and sales enablement tools, and when all these are assembled together it makes your sales gain more hike. The target is to spend as much time selling and letting an automated system take care of the time-consuming tasks wherever possible. 


1. One step automated data entry

Having a small enterprise and entering data daily seems quite easy but how to manage thousands of data entries daily. Automation helps you to get rid of this exhausting task and it allows you to eliminate this huge obstruction towards profitability. Automation can help the salesperson update different fields in the contact records within the CRM as a customer moves through the sales procedure. When a customer engages with the marketing tool, the CRM can also automatically update their contact record.


2.Automated effective campaigns

Marketing Automation helps businesses by offering advanced and effective campaign automation. With automation, you could send the right email to the right person at a particular moment without doing the same work all the time. It helps you send automated messages by linking your website analytics you’re your email marketing platform and to keep a track of people by personalising each customer according to their behaviour, preferences, and experience and not spending time manually in checking email list, scheduling messages so that the team could focus on important tasks like in engaging more audience and CRM building.


3.Managing leads smartly

With the help of sales automation in your business, you can attract leads from a variety of marketing resources like google-forms, google-ad, pay-per-click, emails, and phone calls. It helps you to secure lead details more accurately, keep a track of hot leads, examine the conversation, track the activity of particular leads, count on various lead scores to analyse, and get a detailed report. It provides personalised interactions and helps you generate scores on how leads are interacting with your product which will help you categorise lead conclusions. You have the freedom to define rules according to your business and product needs to reach more clients effortlessly.


4.Effective sales team interaction and organisation

In sales, reaching the right customer at the right time makes a big difference. An attentive sales team will know whenever someone opens or shares an email, or views pricing or service page, view a presentation and the sales team could have a better and easier interaction with the client. The salesperson will then be able to contact the prospect when the opportunity is hot, and they are actively engaging with your business. It enhances the efficiency of the sales team and the business revenue.


5.Managing renewal and financial benefits

Sales Automation can help sales teams to keep a better track when contracts end and forehandedly work to engage customers in a renewal. Emails can be forwarded to the customers to remind them of the success they have seen with the company and opening chances awaiting. 


Similarly, emails can be automatically generated in the inbox for the sales team and remind them about the approaching dates and renewal functionality. Suitable and advantageous information can be occupied within the customer’s page within the CRM will help the sales team remember how the customer has engaged with the company and the success they have seen. 


Sales Automation is seen as the emerging ledging edge, high performance, and next-generation Innovation. It doesn’t require huge investment and extra hardware. All you need is to plot out the requirement and then you can attain any height as you grow and develop. 


It is the future of sales and marketing and helps your business accomplish the target and reach the zenith of success, it continues to modify and reconstruct the business industry, hitting how marketers and sales professionals reach expected customers in an efficient and effective way. They understand customers' needs better and can solve all the customers' queries, thus having better engagement and conversion with the customer by saving time and energy and focusing on increasing productivity smartly.

-Blog written by Alisha Syed