ERP and CRM Success Stories in Southeast Asia

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July 18, 2023
ERP and CRM Success Stories in Southeast Asia

ERP and CRM systems have proven to be significant tools for businesses in today's fast-paced world. The success of your business cannot be guaranteed by ERP or CRM technologies, but if implemented correctly, it can certainly bring changes to your business and increase productivity. ERP software such as OneHash, Zoho, Hubspot and many others allow businesses to streamline their operations. 95% of businesses accomplish crucial improvements after using ERP and reduce operational and administrative costs by more than 20%. Proper implementation of an effective ERP or CRM solution offers far greater incentives than simply increasing business revenue. Let's discuss how some countries got tremendous success in their business using CRM and ERP solutions.

How ERP Transformed Business Operations in UAE: A Case Study

In the recent few years, ERP has become a crucial tool for organizations across the globe. ERP implementation led to business process improvement for 95% of the businesses. UAE is well known for its rapid economic growth and other advancements in business. A survey by Focus Softnet, a leading ERP provider in UAE, found that 67% of UAE businesses have implemented or are planning to implement cloud ERP solutions. The survey also revealed that 74% of UAE businesses consider customer service as a key factor in choosing an ERP solution. This study examines the factors contributing to the success of the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system in the Musanada Corporation in the United Arab Emirates.

ERP has improved traditional systems, providing more security, ease of access to the desired goal, and enabling the company to pass several actions in a short time. Before the implementation of ERP systems, Musanada Company did not use any systems or accounting software. ERP systems are highly combined enterprise information systems that achieve all aspects of an enterprise's business processes, including production planning, purchasing, engineering design, manufacturing, marketing, distribution, accounting, and customer service. ERP has been positively presented to Musanada Company, as it distances the whole organization and business job processes, not only the production linked to operations.

ERP Transformed Business Operations in UAE

Following are the key benefits of ERP implementation in Musanada Corporation:

1- Centralized data- ERP system offered a unified platform for all the data and enabled real-time access to critical information. This also improved data accuracy and integrity.

2- Process automation- ERP streamlined workflows, reducing manual intervention and improving the operational efficiency of the organization. It also eliminated redundant and manual tasks.

3- Advanced functionality- ERP systems integrated various business-related functions like inventory management, finance, sales, collaboration, and improved data-driven decision making.

4- Flexibility- ERP solutions enhanced growth by providing flexibility and scalability in their business.

benefits of erp implementation

CRM Success Story: A Deep Dive into a Singaporean Company's Journey

Singapore, known for its thriving economy and efficient governance, has been at the forefront of embracing technology and digital transformation. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) implementation in Singapore has played a vital role in improving business operations, improving customer satisfaction, and driving growth and revenue. The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software market is expected to grow by over 14% through 2025.

Singaporean Company's Journey

A case study -

Ikargo is a technology firm based in Singapore that connects shippers and carriers to save both time and money. The Ikargo team is fairly small; therefore managing the numerous components of an e-commerce company wasn't simple for them. They were on a budget that was limited. Finding a source of all-inclusive solutions for their current and future needs proved to be difficult. After carefully considering all of their business requirements, they ultimately opted to use a CRM.

The positive aspects of implementing CRM in Ikargo are as follows:

1- Centralized Customer Data: With the CRM implementation, Ikargo successfully consolidated customer data into a single database that can be accessed easily. This allowed a large amount of data of various customers to be placed in a single location.

2- Improved Customer Experience: By implementing CRM, Ikargo improved its customer relationships resulting in better response times and early issue resolution. This also increased customer satisfaction.

3- Improved Sales Performance: The CRM system enabled better lead tracking and sales forecasting. It streamlined the sales process and drove revenue and growth in your organization.

4- Data-driven Decision-making: The CRM platform provided robust reporting and analytics capabilities, empowering the business to make data-driven decisions.

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Vietnam's ERP Implementation Success: Lessons Learned

ERP software helps businesses in various countries, although some industries benefit more from it and have analyzed the impacts on their operations. Vietnam's ERP market is projected to grow at a significant rate during the forecast period, 2023-2027.

Let's examine a case study of Vietnam to learn how ERP aided their business in eliminating challenges.Vinamilk, a firm in Vietnam, struggled greatly with commercial operations such as purchasing procedures, corporate strategy, and production management. They used the Excel programme for commercial purposes, but they had issues with synchronization and sharing. In 2007, Vinamilk implemented ERP software, resulting in significant benefits for the business.

The unified data platform in all departments improved information sharing and storage, and efficient business operations were achieved. The ERP implementation linked Vinamilk's head office, warehouses, factories, and sales systems, enabling easier database management and database capture. This implementation has stabilized and grown Vinamilk, enhancing its market competitiveness and ranking among the top 200 companies with the best revenue in the Asia-Pacific region.

Transforming Customer Relations in Malaysia: A CRM Success Story

CRM has revolutionized customer engagement, streamlined sales processes, improved customer service, and enabled data-driven decision-making by integrating with other technologies to transform Malaysia. It enabled businesses to obtain a thorough understanding of their clients, providing higher customer satisfaction and retention. In 2008, only 12% of businesses used cloud-based CRM - This figure has now increased to 87%! Let us dive deep into a case study of a Malaysian company and see how CRM is contributing to their success.

Transforming Customer Relations in Malaysia

A case study -

Malaysia's leading telecommunications service provider, Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM), offers a range of digital services for consumers and businesses, including fixed telephony, broadband, mobility, and wifi. TM ONE, its enterprise and public sector arm, provides end-to-end digital business solutions, including data centers, cloud computing, smart services, managed security, and big data. With the help of CRM, TM ONE streamlines processes like reporting and forecasting, allowing sales reps to work remotely and collaborate with colleagues. It also enabled remote work, better understanding of customer priorities, and cross-selling. TM ONE achieved 3x increase in the sales pipeline, focusing on qualified leads, resulting in a nearly 40% conversion rate and 20% increase in leads.


In conclusion, ERP and CRM systems have shown magnificent success in Southeast Asia. These advanced solutions have changed the way businesses operate, helping them streamline their processes, improve customer relations, and increase overall productivity. From small businesses to large corporations, companies across the globe have benefited from integrating these systems into their operations.

The success stories in Southeast Asia showcase how ERP and CRM can drive growth, enhance efficiency, and offer a competitive edge in a rapidly evolving business world. OneHash is a great choice for organizations seeking an efficient and versatile solution to optimize their business processes and enhance customer satisfaction. OneHash CRM and ERP empower businesses by providing hassle-free work experience and streamlining all the operations. It is the only software that gives live chat support and delivers exceptional customer services in this digital landscape.