How Can Your Sales Team Use SMS to Boost Sales?

December 20, 2021
How Can Your Sales Team Use SMS to Boost Sales?

When was the last time you were late? You'd instinctively pull out your phone and send a text message. Why? Because it was quick, simple, and delivered exactly what you needed. "In five minutes, I'll be there."

Text messages have been a part of our lives since 1992. They're also serious about business these days.

Text messages appeal to people of all ages, including millennials, introverts, and others. According to Statista's yearly estimate, approximately 2200 billion messages were sent in 2020. It's never too late to start using text messaging in sales if you haven't already.


Text Messages' Influence

Your sales staff can use text or short message service (SMS) to warm up leads familiar with your company but aren't ready to speak with you yet. SMS are more personal than emails and are a step up from them. They're also less intrusive than making a sales call. You'll miss out on reaching more prospects and keeping top of mind when their email inbox is clogged if you don't use SMS. Here's how to do it:

  • 90 per cent of SMS messages are opened.
  • Within 60 seconds, over 86 per cent of text messages are opened.
  • You can communicate with folks who don't have a smartphone or have a limited internet connection using SMS.
  • Text messages are adaptable; they can be used as a stand-alone campaign or in conjunction with other sales channels.


Chipotle's use of SMS to boost engagement is the subject of this case study.

Chipotle, a famous fast-food company, makes Halloween unforgettable with its annual marketing. During the campaign, fans are encouraged to visit the store dressed in their Halloween costumes to receive discounts on their purchases.

On the other hand, Chipotle went digital last year to provide a secure purchasing experience. They used social media to publicise specific keywords. Followers can then text these terms to receive a unique Buy One, Get One code unique to them.

Chipotle was able to get more consumers as a result of the promotion and enhanced social media participation. However, it did result in more people opting in to get more SMS from the company.


Conversational selling is a thing of the past.


SMS is a private communication channel with high engagement rates thanks to highly tailored and relevant messaging. Two-way texting makes it simple to learn what a prospect wants and adjust the interaction to meet their needs. Only 11 per cent of firms send text promos, even though 54 per cent of consumers are open to receiving them. This demonstrates that customers are willing to communicate with businesses via text.

What is the mechanism by which SMS initiates a conversation?

  • Text messages are immediate and conversational, reducing wait times and removing barriers between prospects and your company.
  • Keeping it short and sweet— Text messages are concise since they are limited to 160 characters.
  • Text messages can be accessed without relying on internet infrastructure or new programmes.
  • Texting is more convenient for consumers because they may respond whenever they want.
  • Cost-effective— Bulk messaging is a cost-effective technique to reach out to new prospects because it is tailored and trackable.

There are five ways to use SMS in your sales approach.


Send effective reminders.

SMS is an excellent tool for reminding leads and prospects of future appointments. With the development of digital selling, you may add a video call link in your reminders that prospects can tap to join calls. It's simple to include the location as a responsive link in your reminder messages for in-person meetings.


Allow for safekeeping.

Transactional and support messages can both be sent by SMS. You can include URLs as well as other vital details such as order numbers, pricing confirmation, and so on. The fact that your customers have instant access to all of this information in one spot, which makes it straightforward.


Follow up as soon as possible.

Salespeople can use SMSs to follow up with prospects after they've completed an interaction. It enables salesmen to customise their messages. By sending an SMS, you can ensure that your conversation stays on track by sending an SMS by sending an SMS by sending an SMS. It allows your sales reps to address any pressing issues without having to wait for a call.


Gather feedback from customers.

Customer testimonials boost your company's credibility. Sending an SMS after a purchase conveys that the customer's experience is important to you. It provides you with a platform to resolve any issues while also allowing customers to leave feedback.


Send timely updates

Moving prospects to sales should be a big aspect of your sales approach. Sending them exclusive offers and product updates will pique their interest and bring your product offering to their attention. With customised back-in-stock notifications, SMS can be utilised to recover sales and near-misses with customised back-in-stock notifications with customised back-in-stock notifications.

The best ways to use text messaging for sales

Respect your prospects and offer appropriate messaging is the golden rule of business communication. SMS follows the same rule.

Here are the etiquettes to remember when it comes to permissions and building high-conversion SMS campaigns:

Ensure that your subscribers have the option to join or leave at any time.

Unsolicited SMS to prospects can harm your company's reputation and result in severe penalties. This is why getting your prospects to opt-in initially is crucial. The type of messaging prospects will receive once they opt in should be clearly stated in your opt-in message.

Include opt-outs in all of your SMS, just like you would before sending an SMS. This guarantees that you do not waste time contacting those who are no longer interested in your company. This allows you to maintain a healthy subscriber base with low unsubscribe rates.


Use the proper sender ID.

When you send a message to a prospect, they should be able to recognise the sender from their inbox. A sender ID promotes brand remember while simultaneously reducing trust concerns. Messages from your dependable alphanumeric ID are more likely to be opened by your prospects. Your mails are less likely to be tagged as spam if you use a designated sender ID.


Make the message unique.

The addition of dynamic fields to SMS allows you to incorporate user-identifiable tags such as the initial name. You can send SMS based on your prospect's activity and journey for better engagement. Personalized SMS looks to be more relevant to prospects and is also an excellent technique to establish long-term partnerships.

Make a valuable contribution.

It's critical to provide an immediate value proposition to prospects who consent to receive text messages from you. It's also a good idea to provide an advantage that they can use. If you want to increase client loyalty, employ SMS to provide an exclusive mobile-based experience. Add a link to a curated product page as a call to action. To reduce churn/unsubscribes, you can also introduce mobile-specific promotion codes to build loyalty.


Include a motivator.

People are drawn to offerings. To execute appealing campaigns and increase sales, include it in your SMS. In the United States, 34 million individuals use coupons. In 2020, 88 percent of customers used mobile coupons, with more than half preferring to receive them on their phones. You can keep your SMS subscribers pleased and encourage them to make a purchase by sending coupon codes via SMS.


Send your SMS at the right time.

When it comes to client satisfaction, timing is crucial! Sending SMS just before a holiday or paycheck boosts sales since people are more willing to spend money at these times. Ensure that your messages reach prospects at least a couple of days ahead of time to encourage them to visit your store. Avoid last-minute alerts for online flash deals. To top it off, send your SMS during times when your consumers are most likely to use their phones, such as lunchtime, commuting time, or the hours before supper.


For your team, there are seven free sales SMS templates.

Here are some templates you may use now that you're ready to incorporate SMS into your sales strategy:


Sending a cold SMS to a potential client

A cold call may not be the best way to reach out to a prospect who is unfamiliar with your company. An SMS can be your first point of contact. It aids in the introduction of your company and allows potential customers to engage further.

Hello, First Name>, are you looking for a solution to Problem Statement>? We are able to assist you with Your Solution>. To learn more, text Y.

Hello, John.

Do you want to improve your lead connection? OneHash CRM allows you to personalise conversations and convert leads.

To learn more, text Y.


Request a sales call from the prospect.

Request a sales call from the prospect. Your leads may be interested in a wide range of products and services. Not only can using an SMS to place call requests can save a clogged inbox, but it also helps to personalise the conversation. Request a sales call from the prospect.

Greetings, First Name>.

I'm from Business Name> and I'm Your Role>! Do you want to learn more about how we can assist you with Product Benefit>? Let's discuss this on the phone. Make a reservation here >

Hello, Dave.

My name is Noori, and I'm from OneHash!

Would you like to learn more about how we can help you save time by automating sales? Let's discuss it on the phone. Make a reservation here>


Reminder of an appointment

You may reduce 'no-shows' by sending appointment reminders to your prospects before a sales presentation. Although around 83 percent of consumers prefer to get appointment reminders by text, only 20% of businesses do so.


You have an appointment with Business Name> on Appt. Date> at Appt. Location> between Appt. Start Time> and Appt. End Time>. The location can be found by tapping here. I hope to see you there!


Using SMS to enhance your consumer experience and instil a positive brand image in their heads is a smart move. Furthermore, with increased mobile activity, SMS allows your prospects to join a call by simply tapping a link from anywhere with increased mobile activity. The ability to offer a map link to your location relieves your consumers of the burden of driving to your place.

Hello, Sky.

Jane has an appointment with you on December 20th from 13:00 to 14:00 pm at Greenway Complex. I hope to see you there! The location can be found by tapping here. I hope to see you there!

Hello, Sky.

You have a video conversation with Jane scheduled for December 20th from 13:00 to 14:00 p.m. To participate in the call, click this link. I hope to see you there!


Follow up on voicemail.

Scheduled calls occasionally go straight to voicemail, and when this happens, a text message adds even more value. These text messages alert your prospect to the fact that they have missed a call from you. Second, it enables you to provide your contact information as a call-to-action, making it easier for the prospect to get in touch with you.

Greetings, First Name>.

Greetings, my name is Salesperson> from Business Name>. This Duration> I tried phoning you but got voicemail. You can reach me at Phone Number> or request a callback by tapping here.

Hello, Samira.

My name is Noori, and I'm from OneHash. I attempted to call you but received a voicemail message. You can reach me at (companies contact no.) or request a callback by clicking here.


SMS referrals

If your customers are your biggest supporters, an SMS loyalty programme can help you not only reward them, but also transform them into influencers. SMS referrals are a simple and effective way to bring friends of your customers on board.

Greetings, First Name>! 

Do you enjoy utilising Product Name>? We believe your friends would enjoy it as well. Share this link with your friends, invite them to join, and reward them.

Hello, Jermy.

Do you enjoy using OneHash? We believe your friends would enjoy it as well. Share this link with your friends, get them on board, and we'll pay for your next month! We believe your friends would enjoy it as well. We believe your friends would enjoy it as well.


Follow-up on the event

Webinars and product demonstrations are critical touchpoints when your prospects either convert or go cold and disappear. Sending a text follow-up adds a personal touch and acts as a conversation starter. It also provides your prospect with a point of contact with whom they can communicate if they have any questions or objections.

Greetings, First Name>.

It was great to see you at the Event Name>. Do you have any more? Please text me at Phone Number>, and I'll be pleased to respond.

Name of Salesperson>

Hello, Reema.

It was great to see you at the demo. Do you have any more? Please text or call (companies contact no.) with any questions or concerns, and I'll be pleased to respond.


Purchase/sign up that has been abandoned.

Many factors come into play when your prospect is ready to convert. They vanish from the radar after a single hiccup. Sending abandoned purchase messages allows your customer to pick up where they left off. They vanish from the radar after a single hiccup. Using these messages in conjunction with a customised campaign can help them cross the finish line in style.

Good afternoon, First Name>.

You didn't seem to be able to finish the registration process. When you're ready, tap to proceed with Activity>. To contact our staff, select Y.

Pete, good day.

You didn't seem to be able to finish the registration process. When you're ready, tap to continue signing up. To contact our staff, select Y.


You may send SMS from your CRM in four ways.

Your CRM should be able to house your SMS campaigns with ease, as it is the hub of all your sales and marketing activity. OneHash is a tool that can help with this. The SMS feature can be used in the following ways:


Messages sent individually or in bulk

Send an SMS to a single or a large group of prospects or users. Upselling, product debuts, campaign promotions, and more can all benefit from these mass mailings. For example, when contacts opt-in to your SMS campaign, they may receive a customised acknowledgment.


Sending SMS at your own pace

Easily increase your reach by using SMS in your omnichannel cadence. Send customised SMS to your contacts based on their activities. You may, for example, send an SMS informing contacts that their trial is about to expire and encouraging them to upgrade.


SMS with two-way communication

By allowing your contacts to reply back, you can customise your SMS campaigns. This allows you to continue the conversation while also giving the impression that the SMS was not sent by a bot.


Integrations with SMS

OneHash makes syncing your SMS provider with your CRM a breeze. It now integrates with Twilio, Click Send, and ZipWhip for a seamless experience, with further SMS integration available upon request.


Bottom Line

A prospect engages with your company in a variety of ways. Text messages allow you to stay in touch with interested buyers and keep them progressing down the sales funnel. It enables you to engage with prospects who don't have access to a smartphone, have restricted internet connection, or don't check their emails frequently.