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Coherent Management of Sales

Get powerful reporting features that easily generate sales reports, monitor the performance of your sales team, get valuable insights on deadlines and current deals in the pipeline. Save your time in closing each transaction with efficient sales enablement tools.

Sales Forcasting

Data Enrichment

Fetch information about your leads and prospects from various public sources, with their contact number or email address. Easily contact prospects on various platforms for sales and marketing purposes.

Monitor Sales Target

Set key performance indicators and analyze sales based on territory, product, partners & salesperson. Set modules of automatic reminders to keep track of performance and desired target.

Interactive Dashboards

Using reports and dashboards, see objectives and accomplishments by territory. Zoom-in and Zoom-out feature comes in very handy to analyse customer requirements and deliver accordingly.

Sales Forecast

Quantity based exponentially smooth sales forecast. Based on the sales projection, adjust your marketing strategy. Sales management helps in predicting market shifts hence reducing risk.

Insightful Leaderboards

Use the forecast summary to identify your top achievers and assess each sales team’s strength based on the goals they meet. Configure your forecasts according to your preferences.
Global Business

Management of Global Business

Manage your global divisions and companies from a single configurable platform. OneHash CRM supports major international currencies and languages for easy comprehension.
CRM Analytics

Accurate CRM Analytics

Evaluate organization's customer data for streamlining sales processes and evaluating opportunity and lead generating funnels. Measure the effectiveness of ongoing campaigns, profitability of current deals, and predict the future opportunity-generating models.


Analyze your Sales Funnel and Pipeline

Keep track of existing leads and deals in your sales funnel and pipeline. Analyze behavioral triggers and work on the opportunities that are more likely to get converted into a customer.

Opportunity by Campaign

Integrate with omnichannel media platforms and analyze which platforms yield the most results. Focus on platforms that are lagging behind, and strategize for their improvement.
Chat Support

Customer Service and Support

Monitor customer complaints and time consumed in resolving them. Determine the customers who are more likely to leave, and work to reclaim them with quality customer support.
Track Campaigns

Track Campaigns

Use analytics tools and boost social media campaigns and marketing through automation features, keeping a track of what fits best, who fits best and who hits best!
Customer Segment

Customer Segmentation

Make segments based on age, gender, purchasing patterns, and other factors to better understand. Customer segmentation helps in analyzing the time and season for launching lighting deals and offers.

Customer Churns

Analyse why, where, and how you lost a deal. Analyze the stages and territories where opportunities are lost the most, and work hard in retaining them.

Interactive Workflow Automation

Intelligently automate your team's time-consuming chores so they can focus on more essential responsibilities with efficient automation tools. Change client status, generate immediate emails for query resolution, and notify customers with smooth drip sequence and email campaigns.

Drip Campaign
Automated Approve

Automate Approvals

Trigger notifications to the authorized person based on user roles and user permissions as soon as a requirement for approval drops in. Set, proper check and balance for quality improvement.

Automatized Emails and SMS Campaigns

Effectively manage time by putting your email marketing on autopilot. With powerful third-party applications like twilio, Slack, etc., run smooth SMS campaigns and enhance engagement across the web and messages.

Inbuilt Omni-Channel Integrations

Generate lead’s information from facebook pages, directly into your system. Send important messages, documents, and run smooth campaigns on WhatsApp by automating messages to prospects, leads, and customers.

Alerts and Notifications

Set up subscription renewal reminders for all monthly/annual subscriptions. Get notifications and alerts about upcoming events and meetings, to never miss a follow up or deadline.
Finance automation

Automate your finances

Connect payment processes to reconcile invoices and costs. Process reimbursement requests and expenses without any hassle of back and forth emailing to the accounts department.

Coherent Workflow

Create To-Do lists and notes to never miss details about prospects and opportunities. Keep tabs on all the changes made in the dashboards and reports through logs. Add comments on important documents.
System Config.

Seamless System Configuration

Easily configure unique views, connect information, test modifications into the system, and even select the language and currency as per the needs with custom fields, buttons, and layouts. Integrate information from multiple sources and configure your profile the way you desire.


Interactive Views

Configure and use different views for different doctypes. Use Kanban view, gantt view, and tree view for task segregation, deadlines management, and pictorial study of any doctype respectively.
Access Control

Data Control and Access Control

Manage designated roles and permissions, with hierarchy control. Segregate data according to the assigned roles and filter important information with special permissions.
Search Filter

Search Filters

Apply filters in different reports to easily search details about leads, prospects, deals etc. Filter the records based on specific values for a particular field in a document. Set default filters using customized forms.
Search Bar

Global Search Bar

Global search bar enable users to search on select fields across different modules and doctypes. It helps users to find information quickly and efficiently.
Unique Settings

Easy Duplication of Unique Settings

Create and replicate an account to numerous accounts. This easy duplication allows you to save time and effort by eliminating the need to personalize each one separately.
Procedure layouts

Unique Procedure Layouts

Manage sales for various products, locations, & partners. Page layouts permit users to view and access customized data while also allowing them to design their workflows.
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