Patient Relationship Management CRM in Healthcare

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Using a CRM system like OneHash, you can improve patient’s experience and retain more patients, with automatic medical reports, personalised communication, staff management, and many more.

Create Unique Patient Profiles

Weave information from different data sources together to know your patients as persons. Patient demographics, social profiles, behavioral data, and medical and appointment history can be accessed with a click.

Personalised Communication

Personalized communication improves patient engagement. Patients demand total transparency into their medical history. Trigger notifications for due appointments, reports collection and regular checkups.

Intelligent Reports Management

Automate patient history, medical reports, consumed medicines, previous treatments, through highly configurable dashboards. Automate sending medical reports and prescriptions.

Effortless Asset Management

Easily manage your team’s working hours, availability of ambulances, stock in the blood bank, medical supplies, nurses in emergency OPDs, online medical and lab appointments.

Preventive Health Management

Predict patient requirements based on their behaviors, medical and family history, and other factors, and facilitate them. Better patient relationships are aided by proactive management of health problems.

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