Customer engagement is key for the hospitality industry

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Companies that rely on their visitor's comfort and satisfaction require all the feedback methods at their disposal to ensure that their needs and expectations are met.

Quick Enquiry Reverts

Easily manage and respond to all enquiries quickly, regardless of whatever channel or source they came from. This makes a positive impression on potential customers and helps in maintaining a healthy connection

Creating Automated Invoices and Quotes

Automate quotations and invoices depending on your requirements and data stored in the system after completion of each transaction.

Track Banquet and Room Availability

Have instant access to your hotel inventory, as well as room and banquet occupancies. Deliver fast and provide better service to your consumers.

Smart Event Planning

Trigger birthday, anniversary, event and function notifications; enable drip campaigns informing about upcoming deals and offers, for better customer engagement and higher retention. Automate bookings, cab availability and manage upcoming events with ease.

Efficient Customer Service

Quickly revert to customer requests and concerns. Collect customers' evaluations and comments in one place and automatically allocate assignments to the appropriate departments to keep them satisfied.

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