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Create BOM, set job-cards and work order quantity, assign roles and permissions without any hassle.

Smart Supply Chains

Automate supply chains to manage production schedules. Logistics, inventory management, order processing, warehouse, and distribution chain give useful insights to the manufacturer for better production and sales.

Efficient Material Management

Manage list of raw material, stocks, assemblies and subassemblies with efficient inventory management. Set your reorder level and keep track of depleting supplies by automatically raising purchase orders.

Real-time Sales Forecasting

Design product catalogues to see all stock and item related data at one place. Build segregated sales pipelines, for tracking deals and sales for precise forecasting. Apply unique filters in the sales funnel and pipelines for progressing data in real time.

Floor Management

Improve proactive response to breakdowns by monitoring job allocation, machine utilization and performance. Focus on product quality and compliance standards at each production phase. Gain the manufacturing intelligence to improve processes, improve on-time delivery and reduce defects.

Production Planning & Management

Manage and control the allocation of human resources and material. Configure scheduling inspections, dispatch, and maintenance activities for quality improvement.

Manufacturing Lifecycle

Automate your operations from sending quotations, generating purchase order, performing quality check, creating work order, production planning to delivery confirmation.

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