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Help boost property sales, minimise project marketing efforts, create client journeys, and boost agent efficiency.

Boost Your Sales

Through Digital advertisements, social media, conventional ads, websites, and real estate marketplaces collect property inquiry. Identify the best and worst-performing campaigns, and allocate budget accordingly.

Automate Lead Distribution

Reduce response time by sending property queries to your real estate agents and call center automatically. Property type, sub-type, location, preferences, and other factors can all influence distribution.

End-to-End Real-Estate Sales

Keep a regular check on your leads, to avoid any loss. Maintain and engage property buyers and prospects until they become clients, with automated emails and drip sequences.

Assign Duties Efficiently

Prioritize your team’s tasks in smart views using a mix of the lead quality score and activity score. Conserves your bandwidth, by ensuring that the best leads are contacted first.

Easy Inventory Management

Allow inventory mapping and inventory view against leads to be automated. Inventory management team can see availability for various projects in real time depending on buyer preferences.

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