7 Reasons to Be Thankful to Your CRM

December 7, 2021
7 Reasons to Be Thankful to Your CRM

We love to reminisce about the good things in our lives as much as the next team over the Thanksgiving season, but today we shift our emphasis and give special gratitude to the customer relationship management (CRM) technology that enables our clients to aid and service their customers all year long.

Why is Customer Relationship Management (CRM) so important in the sales process?

Customer relationship management (CRM) technology, including marketing cloud,and cloud platform, is an integrated set of—usually—cloud apps that collect and retain all customer data.

It gives sales teams a single platform to manage client interactions and prioritise operations so that no customer feels forgotten, ultimately improving the customer experience (CX). 

CRM software is one of the most powerful sales tools in a sales representative's armoury since it helps them spend more time with customers, and the more time spent with customers, the more transactions are closed, and the more loyal customers remain.


There are so many reasons to be grateful for CRM that narrowing it down was difficult, so here are our Top 7 Reasons to be Grateful for CRM

1. It is cost-effective in the long run (with a significant ROI).

CRM has been found to deliver an average ROI of $8.71 for every dollar spent, even though the initial deployment may be pricey. According to Nucleus Research's most recent data, this is the case.

Why does CRM offer such a large profit margin? It also saves time, and as the saying goes, time is money.

CRM allows consumers to automate processes so they can focus on the things that matter most to them. CRM eliminates the need for time-consuming manual data entry.

This allows your team members to delve into the business strategy and customer interactions in greater depth, allowing your company to grow.

2. Enhances client relations

Where would we be if it weren't for our customers?

CRM uses data to help us better understand our customers. When your team uses CRM to track every customer encounter, they better understand what activities are required to assist that customer in meeting their needs.

This is also advantageous if your organisation has turnover. If your team uses CRM correctly, your firm won't miss a beat regarding customer retention.

CRM allows us to gain a better understanding of our clients. This is just one of many examples of how CRM may help you strengthen your client connections.

3. It ensures that your data is clean and consistent.

Data that is tainted is no one's friend. Those who have already used CRM are the most aware of this!

It is beneficial to both your staff and your customers to keep your data clean and consistent. It allows you to save time and produce more high-quality interactions, which leads to speedier deal closing.

This goes into great detail about #2. As soon as a consumer contacts your organisation, a user can download their activity data, including past product or service purchases, preferences, and anything else necessary to your business, to their profile in leading CRM system solutions.

When automation isn't an option, this puts information directly at the user's fingers, and it's always there to make rapid modifications.

Customer data has been simplified, made more transparent, and made more efficient.


4. Dashboards and Reports help to increase efficiency.

CRM gives users the unique flexibility to design dashboards and reports to keep track of the customer data that matters most, giving managers instant visibility into what's going on with each customer.

The system organises windows of opportunity and visibility.

This helps your agents be proactive and anticipate each customer's demands while also keeping your staff organised and up to date.

5. Integrations let teams work together more effectively.

Given our first point, you may already be aware of this benefit. CRM also aids teams in improving their collaborations through technology linkages.

You can connect your CRM with apps like Google, Stripe, Pably, Slack, Plaid, Paypal, Woo Commerce etc.

The options are endless!

These integrations allow you to communicate with your team members more effectively. In a core platform that is visible and transparent to your department, you may tag the right person and allow them in on the process (s).

6. Sales and marketing are in sync.

When company sales and marketing teams aren't on the same page, or worse, aren't even reading the same book, CRM can help to bring them closer together.


It gives both teams a comprehensive view of the sales funnel and demonstrates how their actions affect one another. Reports, dashboards, data collecting, and automated tasks in CRM, for example, can assist shift leads from marketing-qualified to sales-qualified considerably more successfully when combined with marketing automation technologies.

They improve partnerships in practically every scenario by connecting in the CRM environment.


7. In the digital world, it propels you forward.

CRM unquestionably leads to technical advancement, therefore if you want to be a digital leader in your sector, switching to CRM should be a no-brainer!

CRM enables you to embrace what's possible to show your consumers what's possible with your business and stay engaged with them daily, thanks to improved social customer relationship management tools, AI (artificial intelligence) breakthroughs, expanded mobile capabilities, and much more.

With CRM, personalisation takes on a whole new meaning.

These were the Top 7 Reasons for being thankful to your CRM, but other than these are 

1. Protects your company

CRM enables your team to manage access to critical customer and business data while also ensuring that it is safely kept in the cloud.

Advanced data protection and backup processes are built into leading CRM technology to ensure that data is not lost or stolen due to unanticipated incidents.

For businesses today, this is far safer than storing sensitive data in spreadsheets or most on-premises outdated solutions.

2. Increases sales

CRM helps boost team productivity as soon as your team adopts and starts using it, resulting in a shorter sales cycle for your company and helping salespeople upsell and cross-sell more efficiently.

There are various methods to use CRM to increase sales, but this is one of the most effective for salespeople.

3. Establishes a link between remote and on-site staff.

This has to be on the list of reasons to be grateful for CRM, listed in no particular order!

Employees can take things with them on the road using today's CRM technology, so they aren't limited to paperwork in the office.

Employees working for the same firm all over the world might feel like they're in the same place, working together and on the same page, thanks to mobile compatibility.

In this approach, CRM promotes team cooperation and connections.

What are the signs that a customer relationship management (CRM) system is required?

So, why do you need a customer relationship management system (CRM)? CRM software, like other cloud software purchases, solves an issue. The number of sales is decreasing. Customers are fleeing in droves. Growth has slowed. A CRM system enhances lead volume by effectively storing and maintaining your customers' data, allowing your marketing team to identify new customers faster. It helps your sales force close more deals in less time. It improves client service as well. Contact centre agents, for example, can become more productive and effective by incorporating customer insight into their customer support software.

Here are seven signals that it's time to invest in CRM software in greater detail.

  • It's difficult to make sales.
  • It's difficult to create customer profiles.
  • The customer service is abysmal.
  • The marketing and sales departments are not working together.
  • Accounts with a high value are unknown.
  • An account's contacts cannot be identified.
  • Customer information is either missing or incorrect.

CRM software allows you to work transparently, naturally, and unrestrictedly, resulting in a unified pipeline and streamlining your sales team's workflow. It enables managers to keep a close eye on the team's overall performance and assist in its growth.

These are just a few of the reasons why CRM is so valuable! What are your motivations for appreciating CRM?

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I hope I've persuaded you that a CRM is critical to your company's success. Start using this strategy right away to increase your sales prospects! Do you have any more concerns? 

Have a wonderful holiday season.