Growth Hacking 101: Techniques & Strategies for Entrepreneurs

December 27, 2021
Growth Hacking 101: Techniques & Strategies for Entrepreneurs

To scale their businesses, entrepreneurs must effectively market their products. There will be many challenges along the way, but scalability is possible with these best growth hacking strategies.

To reach a large audience, entrepreneurs must employ various growth hacking techniques. Even though some of these techniques have only been in use for a few years, they have proven to be critical in the growth of modern-day businesses.

Many entrepreneurs have made them an essential part of scaling their businesses because they have seen positive results, and it is past time for you to do the same.

Business growth hacking ideas are a tried and true component of success. Entrepreneurs seek various growth hacks because they want to rapidly expand by acquiring millions of customers, which increases revenue. However, not every company can effectively implement these marketing growth hacks.


What is Growth Hacking?

Growth hacking is an observational study technique for determining the optimal ways to grow a company. Advertising, advancement, layout, engineering, data, and predictive analysis are all involved.

"growth hacking" refers to when a hacker discovers a quick, cost-effective, but innovative way to achieve growth rather than following traditional processes.


What is a Growth Hacker?

A growth hacker is clever, original, and innovative. Their primary goal is to implement innovative, cost-effective strategies to ensure that businesses can acquire and retain customers for as long as possible.

A growth hacker would have to use techniques to achieve his objectives, such as content marketing, viral marketing, email marketing, SEO, A/B testing, or code-breaking. But keep in mind that while growth marketers can be growth hacking, growth hackers can never be defined solely as marketers.

Product + Growth = Impact is a formula to which growth hackers strictly adhere.


Every Startup Should Implement Growth Hacking Strategies

To help you outgrow your potential, use the following business growth strategies to broaden your horizon and sharply increase profits.


#1: Build a Pre-Launch Email List

Email marketing reigns supreme for generating both leads and conversions when it comes to a successful startup growth strategy.

Concentrate your efforts on building an email list. It will enable you to reach your target audience and effectively deliver your message. Furthermore, email marketing greatly assists businesses in creating pre-launch hype for any product or event.

It will also enable you to acquire potential customers before your launch. But don't just make a list of email addresses and then sit on it. You should spend a few weeks building up the hype and attempting to pique your audience's interest in your launch.


#2 Make Use of Referral Marketing

Referrals from friends, family, or industry influencers convert leads much more quickly than other methods. The CPA of referral customers is lower, allowing you to reduce your costs.

These customers have higher retention rates, resulting in a 16 per cent higher LTV. Furthermore, sales professionals who participate in referral programmes earn four to six times more.

Uber began as a ride-sharing service. Referral marketing was used to increase brand awareness and user reach. The concept was straightforward: users receive a $5 credit each time another user enters their referral code. The idea was so successful that every ride-sharing app has since replicated it.


#3 Form new brand alliances

Business partnerships and collaborations are excellent growth hacking techniques because they generate a lot of noise. Many brands have recognised that co-marketing and product collaboration is effective growth marketing strategy.

It will generate a lot of social media buzz, but it will also drive relevant organic traffic to your website. It is an opportunity for media coverage and will increase the global visibility of your products and services.

Some of the most successful partnerships, with not-too-shabby ROIs, have revolved around developing new products based on a common theme. Any small or medium-sized business can form an effective collaboration if it finds the right partner to add value to its brand and vice versa.


#4 Social Media Growth Hacking: Create a Brand Community

For businesses, social media is an essential component of their marketing mix. You can use social media communities to promote yourself, get feedback from the market, and interact with industry influencers.

Creating content and building an audience takes time. You must strive to align your social media activities with your overall growth strategy to accomplish this.

Creating a Facebook group around your brand where your audience can engage with your brand is one of the best social media growth hacking strategies for leveraging social media for business success. You must ensure that you add value to their lives through that group. Those unfamiliar with your brand may become acquainted with it if the content inspires them in your group.


#5 Pay Attention to Your Biggest Competitors

Competition can take various forms and sizes, but it is always present. Once you've identified your competitive landscape, it's critical to demonstrate why your company has a competitive advantage in any given market.

As an entrepreneur, you must ensure that you focus on your business venture and continue to stay aware of the changing factors in your competitive landscape. This will put your company in a position to adapt quickly and capitalise on its strengths.

Many businesses fail due to following the contest without a plan of action. As a result, they do not achieve the desired results. A good strategy should centre on uncovering all of the conversations around the target brand.


#6 Develop a Bold Content Marketing Strategy

Customer feedback is critical for your business. It will assist you in resolving complaints and inquiries more quickly. It will also help you in dealing with customer objections effectively.

An aggressive content marketing that allows you to focus on customer feedback and efficiently market your product is at the heart of successful growth marketing strategies.

Create an informational marketing strategy for your business that allows your audience to understand the value of a product on a limited budget. Whatever type of business you run, your content marketing strategies should always be geared toward attracting suitable viewers.


#7 Participate in Guest Blogging

Guest blogging services aid in the development of relationships. There are innumerable guest posting options provided online. Almost all of them have their websites up and running.

These service providers make it easier to get high-quality natural leads through content by including a link to your website, which directly improves your SERP rankings.

Guest blogging is a good advertising growth hack that many bloggers use to increase organic website traffic and appeal to new audiences by improving search engine rankings.


#8 Profit from Trends

It can be difficult to keep up with all of the latest industry advancements and innovations when you are responsible for customer service, budget tracking, marketing, sales, and product development. Staying on top of trends is critical to your company's success.

Identifying trends early on will allow you to develop profitable campaign ideas — or change your business plans to capitalise on a new trend just as it takes off.


#9 Show off by sending gifts to your customers.

Branded gift items, such as pens and office supplies with your company's logo and name embossed on them, provide excellent value to the user.

It will increase brand awareness and customer loyalty. It also aids in the spread of positive word of mouth. It also improves customer perceptions of your brand. A satisfied customer becomes a brand promoter and allows you to relax.


You Can Try These Additional Growth Hacking Strategies

#10 Give Beta Testers Discounts.

#11 Use User Stories to Enhance Your Blog.

#12 Use Existing Content on Your Website/Blog to Repurpose.

#13 Use Quora to your advantage by answering relevant questions.

#14 Recruit Affiliate Partners.

#15 Make Email Drip Campaigns.


3 Best Growth Hacking Case Studies


Facebook is number one.

The world's most popular social media platform is, without a doubt, one of the best examples of growth hacking in today's digital landscape. With over 2 billion users, Facebook has become a part of our everyday lives. This Quora question about Facebook growth hacks reveals two effective techniques this social media behemoth used to scale.

To begin, they encouraged people to add their friends and family so that they could share content on Facebook with those in their circle. Second, Facebook sent emails to their friends and family inviting them to sign up for a Facebook account.

Many people were intrigued by this growth hack because they were curious about who had tagged or mentioned them on Facebook. They were curious about what was being said about them on Facebook. Those who also wanted to see how they'd get after registering.


PayPal is number two.

PayPal is another company proving to be a great example of growth hacking. Have you ever considered how giving money away can help your organisation grow? Paypal, on the other hand, benefited greatly from it.

A referral programme was used as their growth hacking strategy. They started incentivising users who brought in new users through PayPal's referral programme. As a result, PayPal's business began to grow at 7% to 10% daily. The total cost of the rewards was close to $60 million.

Their growth hacking strategy is intriguing because social media was not as expected or powerful as today. Paypal grew primarily through word-of-mouth, SMS, blog posts, and emails.


Dollar Shave Club is third.

Video content is more popular than ever. This Dollar Shave Club growth hacking example demonstrates how effective video marketing is and how easily you can get all the conversions you need with the right video content.

The Dollar Shave Club created a video to promote their services, explicitly sending their prospects to brand new razor blades every month for just $1. The video went viral quickly, garnering 19 million views in a short period. The Dollar Shave Club promotional video has received over 25 million views.

Final Words

Many businesses have always struggled with growth. The real issue is that your market and target audience aren't regularly exposed to creative marketing campaigns.

In such a competitive environment, the only way to grow your business is to implement the growth above hacking strategies.

While there is no harm in trying new things, businesses should concentrate on implementing tried-and-true growth strategies. There is no single hack that will solve all of your problems. Don't be afraid to experiment with new growth hacking strategies in the future.

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