How HTML Email Signatures Can Help You Convert More Leads

December 29, 2021
How HTML Email Signatures Can Help You Convert More Leads

With the rise of remote sales, face-to-face contact and handshakes with clients have become nearly impossible, making valuable skills such as charisma and thinking-on-your-feet – once developed for local sales – challenging to apply. An email has stepped in as a medium for communicating with potential customers, with the added benefit of being quicker, faster, and more trackable. More than 90% of internet users now have an email account for personal or business use—but simply using email as a tool is insufficient. Even within a sales email, you can incorporate nuances. For example, your HTML email signatures can help you catch the attention of your prospects.

This post will provide an overview of how sales emails work in a CRM and give some examples of improving your email communication by using a professional HTML email signature on all outgoing email messages.


The role of a CRM in enabling omnichannel engagement

Sales reps frequently waste time communicating across multiple channels—a LinkedIn message, a phone call, a face-to-face meeting—all of these interactions with a prospect are hurriedly recorded in their notes or phone. They must also replicate this effort and record it in excel when they return to their desks. A CRM streamlines omnichannel communication with prospects by consolidating all data into a single platform that all sales reps can access.

A CRM, such as OneHash, allows you to communicate with customers via their preferred channel, such as phone, email, chat, or SMS. As a result, your sales processes are optimised, and repetitive tasks are eliminated. Finally, your sales team will be more productive, closing more sales and converting more leads.


How Does OneHash's Sales Email Work?

With over 306 billion emails sent and received, email is the preferred communication channel for many customers.

OneHash enables you to communicate with your customers via email while collecting real-time behavioural data.

Some of the sales email features are as follows:

  • Email monitoring (Opened, Clicked, and Bounced)
  • Email in bulk
  • Email design templates
  • Sending an email on a specific date and time
  • Holders of positions (for templates and bulk emails)
  • Email auto-forwarding
  • Email marketing campaigns

Let's get into the specifics of handling sales emails in the CRM.

  1. Emails should be scheduled: Set your campaigns to be sent out at a specific date and time when your customers are most likely to read them.
  2. Sell from any inbox, forward or BCC emails, and follow up on conversations directly from your CRM account.
  3. Customize emails: Use custom HTML code to change things up and catch your prospects' attention with eye-catching colours and fonts.
  4. Automate email communication: Use OneHash' Sales Sequences and Workflow to automate your outgoing email campaigns.
  5. Set up real-time alerts: Receive real-time alerts on email opens, link clicks, and new emails, allowing you to connect with your prospects at the optimal time.

OneHash provides two types of inboxes for performing these sales email activities:


1. Inbox of the team:

When your company earns a high volume of sales emails, a sales representative may not always respond to all messages assigned to them promptly.

This is where OneHash's Team inbox comes in handy. The team's first address is assigned to your company. You can use them to forward email messages to your OneHash account, where the entire team will be able to see the customer messages.

This is generally an address like When a company has a generic email address for communication on their website or landing page, this address comes in handy.

NOTE: The email addresses must be configured in Admin Settings > Team Inbox.

The team inbox is becoming the standard location for all sales representatives to read and reply to emails from your company. Individuals on your sales team can help one another and respond more effectively if they communicate with one another.


2. Inbox of the user:

The second email account for each and every unique user, which would be your sales representatives. It is not always necessary to share all email messages with the rest of your sales team.

This is typically an address like Emails forwarded to this address are routed to each user's inbox, which is inaccessible to other members of the team. You can include this address in your email signature, LinkedIn profile, or business card.


Email signatures in HTML for OneHash

Email signatures are no longer limited to your name and company information. They are an underutilised brand touchpoint. It's an additional way to connect with your possibilities. HTML email signatures provide an excellent opportunity to:

  • Individualize the message for each prospect.
  • Share your company's social media handles.
  • Determine what products you offer.
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Keep track of the audience's reaction.
  • The issue with plain text email signatures

Some salespeople do not use HTML email signatures or only use plain text signatures such as "Regards, Your Name." However, they pass up an excellent opportunity to strengthen your brand and provide a better customer experience.

html email signature

The first issue encountered in sales email messages is the lack of an email signature at the end of the message or the use of a short text signature.


Bybrand, an HTML email signature manager, can assist you in quickly creating and deploying robust HTML email signatures.


Your phone number, email (used in OneHash), corporate website, logo, and social pages should all be included in a perfect professional email signing. It could also include a banner or link to open or schedule a call.


Examples of Sales HTML Email Signatures


html email signature

The template during our first e - mail signature instance offers friendly communication, so your contact will quickly recognise who they are exchanging messages with.


html email signature

In the following example, the email signature includes a phone number, email address, and website – all of which are important communication pathways today.

Our third and final example is a signature template that features the company's logo and strengthens the company's brand.


Bottom Line

Email has quickly become one of the most common forms of personal and business communication all over the world. As a result, enriching communication is more important than ever. To accomplish this, you can use email signatures in a variety of OneHash Sales Email features, including bulk email, campaigns, and one-on-one messaging with customers.

With a CRM, you can track key metrics such as email clicks and lead purchasing behaviour, personalising your reach and segmentation and improving conversion rates.

Expect sales teams to use more digital channels to communicate with their customers in the post-pandemic world. That's where strong sales emails and HTML email signatures can shine and set you apart from the competition.