OneChat fixes all communication problems for your business

March 9, 2022
OneChat fixes all communication problems for your business

OneChat makes communication easy and more.  

Do you often find yourself tired of a one-sided relationship where you’re not able to communicate effectively? If so, this is a reminder to seek help. No, this is not a blog about psychological therapy, but instead is for businesses looking to take their communication system to the next level.

Technology has grown over the years and has specially made a significant transformation in the past 24 months. In a world where tech offers opportunities in abundance, it can sometimes be tough knowing what’s right for your business, customers, and clients. No matter how educated, experienced, or skilled we may be, new inventions and innovations can sometimes be a hard nut to crack.

Let's face it. We would be lying to ourselves if we did not acknowledge how often most communication channels have a bad reputation for being unsatisfactorily operative. For the most part, they're poorly constructed, with ambiguous objectives and cliched content. For instance, artificial Intelligence enhanced chatbots are downright annoying because they fail to comprehend our questions and invariably do not succeed to provide any useful information.

As dramatic as this may sound, the truth is that most businesses underestimate the power of a smart ‘interactive’ system. Nonetheless, this sad reality can be changed forever. Customer satisfaction increased sales, and time savings can all be achieved by well-designed channels.  

To cut to the chase, OneChat is everything you need that you probably did not feel important until now. With customized and scalable customer support services in place, OneChat can help you manage all of your interactions so you can delight your clients with your communications skills and instantly transform your services.

Let your customers know that you are just OneChat away! Here’s how.

Take the first step forward and integrate an appropriate system of communication that brews results. With OneChat, you can stay in touch with your website visitors, engage with them in real-time, and assist them with elevated customer service unlike any other.

With its third-party integration feature, you can broaden the scope of your product's functionality, by integrating with other applications. With a single click, OneChat can be integrated with your CRM to automate all customer support activities.

OneChat provides omnichannel assistance via email, website live-chat, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Slack, and other social media platforms, and ensures that customers have a seamless experience across all communication channels.

Businesses can draw consumer engagement by using customised messaging and email campaigns. This way you can onboard new customers while reengaging with existing customers. Sending informative messages to prospective customers can assist them in becoming familiar with your service, resulting in higher engagement and conversion.

This product can improve the efficiency of your agents by automating their processes. Here, you can communicate with all of your consumers across all channels without the need to switch between applications. Create a list of frequently asked questions and save them as preset responses to respond to conversations quickly. Furthermore, by using shared inboxes, you can communicate internally with your team about any conversation or query.

Through OneChat, your business can make the most of interactive chatbots to automate connecting with new prospects on all platforms. To improve your conversion rate, integrating with chatbots like Rasa and Dialogflow in conjunction elevates existing marketing efforts.

OneChat is an all-in-one place to collect and organise all client data for quick and easy access. Consequently, proper segmentation helps keep track of queries and follow-ups with high-potential leads.

OneChat is hosted on that allows you to maintain ownership of your customer data while remaining in compliance with applicable regulations. Furthermore, Its create-your-own-shortcut features enables quick handling of customer queries through the existing command palette. 

In addition, OneChat also offers specific limits for various types of files. They are as follows:

Default limit: 10MB

CSV files limit: 10MB

GIF files limit: 3MB (we may downsize the image)

JPG files limit: 12MB (we may downsize the image)

PNG files limit: 12MB (we may downsize the image)

Final thoughts: Whether you’re a new start-up or a decade old established company looking for a much-needed upgrade, with OneChat, accelerated and personalised assistance to your customers is only one click away.