The Most Awaited Integration is Finally Happening: OneHash x Pabbly Connect

November 14, 2022
The Most Awaited Integration is Finally Happening: OneHash x Pabbly Connect

Automation is growing with lightning speed and rightly so because, in this fast-moving world, businesses need to pace up their operations to meet the ever-changing customer demands. To fill the gap between your business and automation, OneHash joins with Pabbly Connect. 

We are excited and thrilled to announce that we are integrating with Pabbly Connect, a global hub for marketing tools where users can get standard logins and sign-ups for all their essential applications.   

This integration will benefit the users of both Pabbly Connect & OneHash to manage their work more efficiently, reduce redundancies, less time in transferring important data between various applications, streamline workflows, and leverage automation. 

How To Integrate OneHash With Pabbly Connect: 

Users can easily exchange data between any application and OneHash CRM or OneHash ERP using Pabbly Connect. 

To import data from a particular app to OneHash ERP software, you can use the following steps: 

Step 1: 

Go to and click on “Create Workflow” 

Step 2: 

Enter your workflow name and click on “Create”

Step 3: 

After clicking on “create”, you will enter a dashboard where you’ll find multiple apps connected with Pabbly. Choose the app from where you want to import the data:

Step 4: 

After selecting the first app, choose the second app, i.e., OneHash ERP software.

Step 5: 

Select a trigger and click on “Connect”

Step 6: 

After clicking on “connect”, you will find the following screen where you have to enter the API Key and URL of the selected app for data import and click on “save”. 

Step 7: 

Next, go to OneHash ERP, select “Add New Connection”, enter the domain, API Key, and API Secret and click on “save.” 

Step 8: 

The final step is field mapping where you need to enter details like email Id, company name, lead name, etc., and you’re done. Save it and your data will start flowing!

Transferring data from any app to OneHash ERP is quite effortless with Pabbly. Similarly, you can also export data from OneHash to any other app by selecting OneHash as the primary app and the app you want to send data to as a secondary app and following the same procedure. 

Advantages For Users

The integration between Pabbly Connect and OneHash will bring many perks for the users. One of the major perks is time-saving. The integration will allow users to quickly exchange data between apps in just a few clicks. 

This integration will also reduce the complications users generally face when transferring data manually. The field mapping process required for data transfer can be long and tedious, but thanks to this integration, our users will be able to easily transfer their data and manage it more efficiently. 

Another benefit is that users can easily manage multiple apps efficiently on a single platform and easily exchange data between the teams and keep all the members in a loop. At OneHash, we believe in automating important business operations to improve efficiency and remove redundancies. Both Pabbly Connect and OneHash are moving on the path of making the lives of business owners and employees easier and thus, this integration means a lot to both organizations. 

We hope this integration will ease your everyday operations and you’ll be able to make the most of it! 

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