Top 5 Digital Whiteboards To Use For Your Business

July 11, 2022
Top 5 Digital Whiteboards To Use For Your Business

Are you seeking a digital whiteboard solution for your distributed team? Perhaps this blog can be helpful to you!

When we think about teamwork, the image of a whiteboard immediately pops into our heads. Physical whiteboards, the ancestor of modern collaboration tools, have long been used in offices to facilitate teamwork via ideation, planning, prototyping, and information dissemination.

The use of whiteboards in teams all around the globe has been proven effective for a long time. To be effective, a whiteboard requires physical proximity to other team members. 

Whiteboards are being phased out in favor of electronic equivalents as businesses increasingly embrace remote workers. With the advent of more flexible work arrangements, employees are no longer required to be at the office five days a week physically. 

Here are 5 Whiteboard recommendations you should consider for your next team collab. 

#1 Miro

You may improve the efficiency of your team's communication and collaboration by switching to Miro, one of the finest online whiteboards available today. Using this online digital whiteboard, your company teams may collaborate effectively while working remotely.

Regarding remote and distributed teams, Miro is one of the most excellent collaboration solutions available. It facilitates efficient and straightforward communication between team members, giving them more control over how they work together and allowing them to get more done in less time.

It provides a limitless stage upon which you may execute your job with style and efficiency. The privacy and security settings for your meetings and projects are beefed up with the enterprise plan.


Like Photoshop artboards, the MURAL canvas may have several whiteboard regions that can be resized and repositioned. You can use a blank white backdrop on each whiteboard or a template from which to choose pre-designed grids and content boxes. 

It is easy to start with MURAL since many templates come with comprehensive instructions and facilitator guidelines. MURAL excels as a collaborative platform because it permits the establishment of several "rooms" for whiteboards, each with its own set of access controls. Different departments, such as design, marketing, and so on, might each have their own dedicated space. A further option is to designate areas for specific tasks or projects.

#3 Limnu

Whether you're a project manager, instructor, freelancer, business analyst, engineering team, or any other sort of team, Limnu is the greatest online whiteboard for you. This whiteboard tool serves several purposes, including feature prioritization, team collaboration, and many more. You may simply interact with your team by sketching ideas on Limnu without requiring them to join up or create an account.

Users may be closely monitored and detailed reports can be generated thanks to the API capabilities that allow for both Limnu-branded and white-label presentation. You'll never have to worry about your work or cooperation coming to a halt due to a lack of storage space because of this. 

This setup is ideal for distributed teams since everyone has access to their preferred applications and devices at all times. When working on a team or with customers, you may confidently share your projects without worrying about their safety.

#4 Ayoa

To collaborate on projects, share ideas, and get things done, try out Ayoa, an online whiteboard that has it all. Ayoa deviates from the norm by providing a space for groups to generate ideas, organize their work, and share their insights to propel their efforts forward.

Featuring sticky notes, lists, freehand annotation, attachments, flowcharts, and photos, Ayoa is the ideal remote alternative for a traditional workplace whiteboard, fostering both creativity and efficiency.

Easily save, print, or share your whiteboards by exporting them as a PNG or JPG file. Meet your team in real-time and collaborate on whiteboards with Ayoa's built-in video conferencing and IM tools. By employing Ayoa's mind mapping features, you may expand your whiteboard's usefulness and generate original ideas at a new level of thought.

#5 Stormboard

When it comes to organizing projects and generating ideas, Stormboard is the whiteboard app to beat. Business meetings will go more smoothly and productively with the help of this versatile and user-friendly collaboration software.

You may use it to communicate your most insightful thoughts on business matters to a distributed team. You may do helpful things like collaborating on tasks, having virtual meetings, and sharing files and documents in real-time using video conferencing software to benefit your projects.

With its pre-loaded business templates, you can easily create reports, organize your projects, save your ideas, and find workable answers to any issues you may encounter. A very high number of companies rely on Stormboard.

-Blog written by Radhika Takjhare