What is CRM & Who requires CRM the most

August 16, 2021
What is CRM & Who requires CRM the most

What is CRM?

Systems like emails, sticky notes, excel sheets are manageable, but as the size of your The backbone of any organization is sales, and marketing enables sales. But have you ever wondered, what enables marketing? When your company is in its infancy, data monitoring company expands so will your need for structure. You will require an organisational framework in your work, enterprise, partner and vendor details, and whatnot!

Here comes the purpose of Customer Relationship Manager, popularly known as the CRM. CRM is a technology that enables any organisation to manage its interactions, data, relationships and potential customer leads.

The mission of any CRM software is to simply and effectively improve business relationships.

Who requires CRM the most?

A CRM software entitles everyone, from business development and customer service to sales and marketing- an effective way to manage its leads, keep its data updated and tabulated that will eventually brew success.

A CRM tool gives you the window of storing all customer information, potential clients data, record of previous sales, managing marketing campaigns and everything in between.

With easy management and availability of data, the efficiency and productivity increases manifolds.

Examples of which are Tesco (a world leader of supermarket chains), Uber, British Airways, etc. give absolute credits of their success to their respective CRM softwares. According to the executives of these companies, their customers came back to them because of their monitoring and management of customer needs, which was enabled because of CRM.

Although CRM is a boon to a company of any size and domain, it proves to be a sure-success-mantra for small scale business and enterprises.

It's time to think of the future now.

If your business is going to last, you need to start preparing for the unpredictable future from now. Strategizing for your long term goals, by keeping in mind the short term objective is the only effective way to make your business grow.

But now the question arises, how can CRM help you with this? Well, the answer is that analysing your database today will give you a clearer picture of what is going to come your way tomorrow. With every bit of information just a click away, you already will move past your competitors in this viscously competitive market.

You will have a clearer picture of every lead opportunity and would be able to segregate the potential ones from the dead ones. You would invest your time into something that has a high probability of yielding results.

What do we have in store for you?

OneHash CRM is a fully-featured business management solution that helps SMEs to record all their business transactions in a single system. With OneHash CRM, SMEs can make informed, fact-based, timely decisions to remain ahead in the competition. It serves as the backbone of a business adding strength, transparency, and control to your growing enterprises.

- Blog written by Narendra Yadav