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Efficient project planning, scheduling, and resource budgeting of your ongoing projects

Allow project managers to track projects and the time consumed in completing them. Use project management software for collaboration and communication amongst project stakeholders.

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Notifications & Updates

Trigger notification to managers and employees for updates on ongoing tasks. Fetch information about the completion percentage and time taken for completion of designated projects.

Timesheet and Tracking

Keep productivity high and deadlines insight with a built-in time tracker. Timesheets record time taken by a particular task. Set timers on timesheets to specify, time range in which tasks should be completed.

Track Objectives and Deadlines

Create a visual timeline for big-picture goals, and automate progress. Give project updates to your customer base and internal team, and auto collect progress reports from various stakeholders.

Generate Reports

Give your projects a stats-driven dimension. Analyse your budget, costing and profitability. Get a clearer picture of project’s progress and take action through insights on productivity, workload, etc.

Insightful Views

Using Kanban and calendar views, organize, prioritize, and manage tasks with precision. Gantt view illustrates project schedule by managing dependent tasks and monitoring deadlines.

OKR Management

Identify your goals and objectives, track their progress and analyze the result with an efficient project management tool. Plan and align your ongoing projects easily for better results.

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