Dating your CRM

February 14, 2022
Dating your CRM

Is your Business looking for a Date?

Dating your CRM. Strange isn't it? How can you, in this world, be romantically involved with a solution that automates your business? Relax! When we say the phrase dating your CRM, it doesn’t literally imply that you go out on a coffee date, buy presents, or gift bouquets to your business automation tool!

But what we are trying to imply here is, dating a person in real life and your business dating its CRM solution have a lot of similarities. A lot more than you can imagine, we are sure!

In this era of online dating, where after swiping left to a lot of people and after a lot of struggle you finally find a match with whom your thoughts resonate, personality matches and you have similar tastes and interests. Similarly when it comes to choosing a perfect tool or should I say a perfect CRM Date for your business you should check a couple of mandates before swiping right!

Knowing what you need is the first thing that should be taken care of. Mindlessly going for the system that everyone is buying will most probably lead you to a situation where you will end up paying for something which is either too much or too little, but not adequate. Imagine yourself stuck with an EDM fan when you are an Ed-Sheeran lover, and your date wouldn’t stop rambling about how great metal is! That will probably suck for you, just like a CRM like this for your business!

Scope of extendibility is another important point that should be thoroughly considered before a purchase. There is no solution present in the market that is completely tailor-made for your business. There will always be something different than what you might have interpreted or wanted. But a solution that provides a large number of functionalities and can be customized and configured according to your requirements should always be given preference. Just like you would always prefer going out with someone who is ready to explore than with someone who is adamant about what they like! 

Last but not the least affordability is one thing that should never be overlooked while buying a business automation tool. A product that fits your budget as well as is scalable, agile, and robust just like OneHash CRM should always be your choice for a perfect date for your business.

Enough about choosing the right CRM solution! What about the existing ways of data management? Why migrate to a CRM solution? 

Moving on from a long, old and unhealthy relationship always takes time and effort. But once you have moved on with a better person, there is no going back. Just like moving on from your old and rusted ways of data management might take some time and effort but once you have moved on to a scalable and robust business automation tool you will realize the real meaning of a healthy relationship that will help your business expand and grow in a sustainable way. 

There is an old saying which goes by; “behind every successful man there is a woman”, similarly we can say “behind every successful business, there is a scalable CRM solution”. OneHash CRM is a highly configurable, agile and scalable solution that is extremely affordable and fits rights for a business of any and every industry type. We can surely be a perfect date for your business this valentine’s day!

So without any further adieu, swipe right to the solution that resonates best with you!