Pitch Deck Tips and Tricks

November 18, 2021
Pitch Deck Tips and Tricks

Pitch Deck of any company is surely the most important thing for them especially at infancy. But there is no such thing as a perfect pitch deck. As your company grows, you will learn new things, come up with new methods to improve the workflow, and develop your final pitch. It doesn't happen overnight; it takes time, effort, and a lot of amendments before your final pitch deck is ready.  

Given below are some must-have points that can make your pitch wholesome and stand out from the rest:

Insight about target market and target audience

The key draw of an investor meeting is the facts about the market your business belongs to and about your target audience. This is an intriguing and important point because the investors should know they are investing in something that is legitimate and selling.

The investor should feel confident that you know your audience and your market well enough, and you would be able to sustain your business even in cut throat situations. 

Details about your product and what problem does it solve

A very common question raised is ‘why your product or service?‘.Well, you should already have a handful of comprehensive slides prepared that elaborate and explain the significance and demand for your product in the market.

The answers to why did you think about your product, how can it help the society thrive and why your product over others, should have a crystal clear answer in your pitch deck. Always remember investors generally like investing in products and services that are solving a non addressed issue of the market by the existing players.

Marketing strategy

Having talked enough about your target market, audience and product; now comes the time when your investor would want to know about how you will sell your product. What tactics do you have in mind to make your business stand out from the rest, or what are the unique strategies you are going to adopt to optimize your sales and create a buzz about your product in the market. 

These are some key slides that are often overlooked, that become a setback for the companies. The investor needs to know your plan of action about everything, especially marketing to feel secure about his investment in your business. 

Sales trends facts and figures

Another very important detail that should be included in a pitch deck is your previous sales figure. Which season was the most lucrative, which geographical location brought in the most number of customers, and so on. 

Having a clear idea about your company’s historical sales and sales trends  the investor won't have to put in as much effort in investigating your business. He has everything he requires in front of him, leaving a lasting impression.

About the members

To add a little personalised touch to your pitch deck you must include a couple of slides about your team. In any case, the investor is investing in the people working for the company and he should feel connected to the passion of the team to feel confident about his investment. 

You can talk about the fields in which each member of your team is proficient in and about their passion to make this venture work. Investor must be persuaded to place his faith in the company's personnel before he can trust your goods or service.